1990 Paul McCartney: Musician – A three part special

Paul McCartney: Musician – A three part special: 1. McCartney on Tour, 2. MacManus / McCartney – Elvis Costello talks about writing with Paul, recording with Paul and why he was unable to produce Paul, 3. The Paul / Yoko / Michael Triangle – Did Yoko Ono and Michael Jackson strike a deal to cut McCartney out of the Beatles’ song publishing?

Contents: Paul McCartney, Musician; Front Man – Mark Knopfler; Peter Murphy; Peter Buck & Kevin Kinney; Piano Summit – Cecil Taylor meets Ahmad Jamal; Kronos Quartet; Guitar – Dann Huff; Bass – Rob Wasserman; Producer – David Lewiston; more

1990 May Musician Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com