1993 Lives and lessons of the Guitar Player’s Players

Features: Otis Rush; Jeff Beck; James Burton; Ry Cooder; Richard Thompson; Ritchie Blackmore; Acoustic Shootout – in search of the best solid-top for under a grand – 16 guitars rated – Alvarez Timber Ridge Silver Anniversary, Alvarez-Yairi DY70, Charvel 125S-NAT, Fender 1100-SX, Gibson Gospel, Guild D6-S NT, Martin D-1, Ovation Standard Balladeer, Saga Blue Ridge BR-OS, Seagull S6, Sigma SDR-41, Takamine N-10 Natural Series, Taylor 410, Vantage VS-50S, Washburn WD-40S, Yamaha LD-10; Bern Nix; Link Wray -the true godfather of grunge; more

1993 November Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1974 The Sigma Guitar

Who inspected and approved your Japanese guitar? Martin approved us! The Sigma Guitar. Imported, approved & distributed by The CF Martin Organisation, Nazareth, Pennsylvania

1974 The Sigma Guitar – Martin Approved Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1970 Sigma Guitar – Do we look familiar?

That’s right, we look like a Martin, we’re not of course, but we know a good thing when we see it. And like a Martin we’ve got rosewood backs & sides and spruce tops and a lot of other goodies that make us more than just a pretty face. The amazing thing is that we sell for less than $150. We think you’ll know a good thing when you hear and see us.

1970 Sigma Guitar – Do we look familiar? Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com