1979 S.D. Curlee Hondo II Model H-708 Guitar

“We’re sticking our necks out for you!” For years we’ve been designing and building limited production custom design guitars for the discriminating guitar enthusiast. Like the S.D. Curlee U.S.A. on the left. It’s hand crafted, limited production, price $595.00. (Standard)

Now we’ve designed a unique guitar for today’s market with the features of our custom guitars, but at a price that’s more affordable, and in a quantity that permits worldwide distribution. On the right, the new Hondo II S.D. Curlee Designer Series model. Available April, 1979, its price is only $295.00 (Model H-708)

Both are unique guitars. One is a unique guitar with a unique low price. That’s why we’re not afraid to stick our necks out for you. -Randy Curlee

1979 S.D. Curlee Hondo II Model H-708 Guitar Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com