The 1979 Vintage Guitar Market: Its Instruments, Dealers, And Collectors

Sunburst Les Paul, mint, $4500. Maple-neck Strats, $1000 and up. Flying V’s slashed to $3300; cash only. Will trade Explorer for late-model Oldsmobile.

One thing that all the old guitars in this hypothetical advertisement have in common is that they used to list for about $250. What’s going on? Why does someone trade in an armload of new guitars for a single old one? Why do some Les Pauls have virtually no pure “collector’s value” while others are worth 20 times their original price? Are old instruments really better? Which ones? Why, and why not? Is the dusty old guitar under your bed a potential gold mine, or just a dusty old guitar? This article will answer some of these questions, present opinions on others, and examine the interactions of buyers and sellers, instruments and prices, fads and trends…

Shown in the following pictures:

– Larry Henrikson brought hundreds of guitars to the Dallas show: here’s one corner of his exhibit.

– Sunburst Les Paul Standard; note tiger striping.

– 1934 Martin 000-45

– D’Angelico Excel arch-top acoustic

– Bart Wittrock (L) and Dave Wintz represented Houston’s Rockin’ Robin at the Dallas Guitar Show.

– Gene Witte’s Danelectro Longhorn bass features concentric tone and volume knobs

– SG / Les Paul Standard, circa 1960

– 1958 Gibson Flying V

– 1924 Gibson L-5 arch-top steel-string

– Gibson’s first Les Paul, the 1952 gold-top

– Ed Seelig’s Style 2 National tri-plate (with three resonating sound cones) from the early ’30s.

– 1955 Fender Precision Bass

1979 Vintage Guitar Market 16-Page Article available at

1988 Frets Magazine: Guitar Collectors Issue – The Martin Dreadnought Story

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1999 Flatpicking Guitar – John Moore

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1998 The Blue and Lonesome Guitar Style of Larry Sparks

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1968 Model Martin D-45 Guitar

Bluegrass Unlimited, Vol. 3, No. 2, August 1968

Cover: Nancy Duffey holding the new Martin D-45 guitar

Contents: Martin D-45 – 1968 Model; Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival; Bill Clifton & the Dixie Mountain Boys -a discography; The Maggie Valley Boys; Record Reviews; Letters; Bluegrass Unlimited Songbook; Bluegrass in the clubs; Bluegrass on the air; Classified ads; Personal Appearance Calendar; more

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1969 Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine – Charlie Monroe

Bluegrass Unlimited, Vol. 3, No. 11, May 1969

Cover: Charlie Monroe at Brown County Jamboree, Bean Blossom, Indiana

Contents: The commercial recordings of Charlie Monroe; An interview with Don McHan; A Tour of the Martin Factory, Nazareth Pennsylvania; Festival Reports; Earl Taylor & The Stoney Mountain Boys; Record Reviews; Letters; Bluegrass Unlimited Songbook; Bluegrass in the clubs; Bluegrass on the air; Classified Ads; Personal Appearance Calendar; more

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Martin D-45 Guitar – the Rolls-Royce of guitars

Bluegrass Unlimited, Vol. 4, No. 9, March 1970

Cover: Martin D-45 Guitar

Contents: The Martin D-45 Guitar – yesterday and today; Old South Bluegrass Festival; Missouri area Bluegrass committee; The 10 Commandments of Bluegrass Music; Record Reviews; Bluegrass Unlimited Songbook; more

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1993 Lives and lessons of the Guitar Player’s Players

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1971 Guitar Player Magazine Special Guitar Issue

Contents: Leo Fender – pioneer of the solidbody; Klaus Roder – West German luthier; Pros on Axes -survey; Woods -a dialogue with Richard Schneider and Fred Gerlach; The Martin Factory -take a tour; Guitar Comparison Charts: Acoustic Steel String, Acoustic Nylon String, Acoustic/Electric, Solidbody Electric, 12-String, Steel Guitar, Bass Guitar; more

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1990 Adrian Belew Goes Mainstream (Sort of)

Cover: Adrian Belew

Contents: Adrian Belew Goes Mainstream (Sort of); Recreating an Acoustic Classic – Schoenberg reincarnates one of Martin’s rarest and most expensive 1930’s steel-strings, the OM-45 Deluxe; Don Everly; Robert Johnson Revisited; Oscar Cartaya; Lee Ritenour, Jazz Guitarist; more

1990 September Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at