1979 Music by Matrix. Sound by Bose.

Matrix. Warner Bros. recording artists. A hard-driving fusion group with lots of brass, percussion and electronics. And all 32 channels, including a wide variety of mics, pickups, and line feeds, are amplified by Bose 1800 power amps and Model 802 loudspeakers. Matrix. A group with talent and taste. “A band that cannot fail,” says the LA Times. Matrix chooses Bose for all their needs. Main PA, electric bass, sythesizers, acoustic and electric piano, and all stage monitors…

1979 Music by Matrix. Sound by Bose. Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1991 Warrant guitarists Joey Allen and Erik Turner for Carvin X100B Tube Heads

Warrant guitarists Joey Allen and Erik Turner provide the double guitar blast that powers their sound, and they get that power from Carvin X100B tube heads and “British Series” V412 cabinets. You can get the same X100B tube stacks with factory hot rodded EL34 tubes, delivering unlimited sustain at all levels. Features like clean rhythm to overdrive channel switching, 5 band EQ and reverb. Surpass the performance of other amps that sell for twice the price by ordering direct from Carvin. Check it out on Warrant’s new album “Cherry Pie.”

1991 Warrant guitarists Joey Allen and Erik Turner for Carvin X100B Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

Vintage 1979 Mechanical Accessories article: Devices for expanding the guitar’s sound

…Almost parallel to the electric guitar’s development was the experimentation into producing mechanically-induced vibrato on the guitar. The idea was simple enough: to be able to change the pitch of a note, or notes, without having to change left-hand fingerings. Vibrato is commonly achieved on nonfretted instruments (violin, viola, cello, etc.) simply by gently rocking the left-hand finger (that is stopping the string) back and forth, parallel to the string. Since the guitar has frets, such a method of pitch variation is impossible. Bending the guitar’s strings is the most common method of achieving vibrato.

Photos shown:

– Doc Kauffman’s Vib-Rola, patented 1929
– Rickenbacker vibrato tailpiece
– Early ’60s Gibson vibrola, with rare ebony tail-block and decorative inlay
– Bigsby made vibrato tailpieces in various styles for several manufacturers, including Gretsh.
– Leo Fender’s patent for the Stratocaster vibrato.
– Strat Vibrato (L-R): string anchor block, tension springs, spring plate, adjustment screws
– Mosrites feature a number of vibrato styles; this one entails individual roller bridges.
– Bigsby Palm Pedal
– E Bow with holster
– Early MSA Pedal Pitch
– Top view of Gizmotron
– Bottom view showing plectra (lower right)
– Lol Creme demonstrates the Gizmotron

1979 Mechanical Accessories / Vibrato Devices 8-Page Article available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1992 Keith Richards – rock’s ultimate outlaw gets filthy

Contents: Keith Richards – rock’s ultimate outlaw gets filthy; David Rhodes; Buckethead; Steve Khan; The new alternate tunings; Scotty Moore; Fred Frith; Tube Combo Shootout; Marshall’s 30th Anniversary -a celebration of the early days with photo gallery; more

1992 December Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1974 S. Hawk Family Album – Pete Haycock, Climax Blues Band

When you’re new on the scene friends mean a lot. Pete Haycock was the first supermusician we met. The first to take flying seriously. Now he uses the Hawk II Tonal Expander all the time on stage and in the studio. He even used it to record the smash hit album “Sense of Direction”…

Also shown is a “Family Tree” of Spain’s Famous Luthiers including Francisco Gonzales, Jose Ramirez I, Manuel Ramirez, Santos Hernandez, Domingo Esteso, Hermanos Conde, Miguel Simplicio, Miguel Rodriguez, Francisco Simplicio, Arcangel Fernandez & more.

Also shown: Jerry Snyder Ragtime Guitar Solos

1974 S. Hawk Family Album – Pete Haycock, Climax Blues Band Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1974 Chet Atkins Biography “Country Gentleman” released

Here is an original announcement article about Country Gentleman, which is Chet Atkins’ biography (with a little editorial help from Bill Neely). It’s hard to imagine any other book that can boast an index with such listings as George Barnes, Les Paul, Hank Garland, Christopher Parkening, Django Reinhardt, Grady Martin, and numerous other guitarists…

Also shown are vintage guitar ads of: Leo Quan “Badass” – for untunable Gibsons with bar tailpieces – “Badass” is designed to fit into existing mounting bolts and compensate harmonics without any modification to the guitar; Wheeler Ped-All Guitars, Killingsworth & I-5, Portland, OR, 97217, World’s finest stainless steel tone bar!; Morninglory Music Songbooks.

1974 Chet Atkins Biography “Country Gentleman” released Article available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1974 Terry Kath, lead guitar with Chicago for Pignose guitar amps

“What Pignose offers, you can’t refuse.” That’s Terry Kath, the lead guitarist with Chicago. He may not be a “Godfather” but he’s a gangster on guitar. As a talented member of a great band, Terry’s sphere of influence is very large – it reaches around the world. At Pignose Industries we can appreciate that kind of influence. So we offer Pignose, the amp that offers freedom at last for the electric guitar…

1974 Terry Kath, lead guitar with Chicago for Pignose guitar amps Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1974 Guild Humbucking Pick-Ups – increased output and sustain in the complete tone range!

Guild Humbuckers! Increased output and sustain in the complete tone range!

Shown: S-100 Standard, JS Bass II

Guild Humbucking Pick-Ups have new wiring, new controls. There’s a phase switch for reversing pick-up polarity on all S100 Guitars. Guild Basses have a tone switch to help you get those tight-hard or full-bottom sounds, and anything in between. See your Guild dealer.

1974 Guild Humbucking Pick-Ups Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com