1981 Guitar World – Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders

Cover: Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders; Features: On the Frontline with The Pretenders / Chrissie Hynde; Ry Cooder’s search for the lost chord; You may already be playing rockabilly guitar; Steve Howe – “Yes” I’m doing fine; Guitars that cry, fingers that fly – Santana and Al Dimeola talk about chops part 2; The return of the soul men; Collector’s Choice – 1959 Gibson ES-335; more

1981 March Guitar World Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com

The 1979 Vintage Guitar Market: Its Instruments, Dealers, And Collectors

Sunburst Les Paul, mint, $4500. Maple-neck Strats, $1000 and up. Flying V’s slashed to $3300; cash only. Will trade Explorer for late-model Oldsmobile.

One thing that all the old guitars in this hypothetical advertisement have in common is that they used to list for about $250. What’s going on? Why does someone trade in an armload of new guitars for a single old one? Why do some Les Pauls have virtually no pure “collector’s value” while others are worth 20 times their original price? Are old instruments really better? Which ones? Why, and why not? Is the dusty old guitar under your bed a potential gold mine, or just a dusty old guitar? This article will answer some of these questions, present opinions on others, and examine the interactions of buyers and sellers, instruments and prices, fads and trends…

Shown in the following pictures:

– Larry Henrikson brought hundreds of guitars to the Dallas show: here’s one corner of his exhibit.

– Sunburst Les Paul Standard; note tiger striping.

– 1934 Martin 000-45

– D’Angelico Excel arch-top acoustic

– Bart Wittrock (L) and Dave Wintz represented Houston’s Rockin’ Robin at the Dallas Guitar Show.

– Gene Witte’s Danelectro Longhorn bass features concentric tone and volume knobs

– SG / Les Paul Standard, circa 1960

– 1958 Gibson Flying V

– 1924 Gibson L-5 arch-top steel-string

– Gibson’s first Les Paul, the 1952 gold-top

– Ed Seelig’s Style 2 National tri-plate (with three resonating sound cones) from the early ’30s.

– 1955 Fender Precision Bass

1979 Vintage Guitar Market 16-Page Article available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1974 Chet Atkins Biography “Country Gentleman” released

Here is an original announcement article about Country Gentleman, which is Chet Atkins’ biography (with a little editorial help from Bill Neely). It’s hard to imagine any other book that can boast an index with such listings as George Barnes, Les Paul, Hank Garland, Christopher Parkening, Django Reinhardt, Grady Martin, and numerous other guitarists…

Also shown are vintage guitar ads of: Leo Quan “Badass” – for untunable Gibsons with bar tailpieces – “Badass” is designed to fit into existing mounting bolts and compensate harmonics without any modification to the guitar; Wheeler Ped-All Guitars, Killingsworth & I-5, Portland, OR, 97217, World’s finest stainless steel tone bar!; Morninglory Music Songbooks.

1974 Chet Atkins Biography “Country Gentleman” released Article available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1988 David Grisman – Mandolin’s Best Friend

Cover Story: David Grisman keeps on picking; Singer/Songwriter Nanci Griffith; Don’t Call Me Leftie – String playing left handers speak out, there’s more to being a southpaw than meets the eye; The Late Great Jean Carignan; Inside Gibson’s Custom Shop; Meet Henry Juskiewicz – president of Gibson; Workshops: Tony Rice – The flatpicking train runs on time; more

1988 June Frets Guitar Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1967 Bluegrass Unlimited includes Gibson Banjo Catalog Reprints

Bluegrass Unlimited, Vol. 2, No. 6, December 1967

Cover: circa 1954, Lee Cole, bass; Buck Graves, mandolin; Donny Bryant, banjo; Curtis Lee, fiddle; Mac Wiseman, guitar

Contents: Dedicated to the furtherance of bluegrass music, first in a series of statements of Editorial policy by the staff of Bluegrass Unlimited; Bill Monroe: King of Blue Grass Music (Radio McGill Series) Program #1 (cont.) Blue Grass Music Past & Present transcribed by Doug Benson; An Interview with Mac Wiseman; In Memoriam – Ralph “Robby” Robinson and Charles “Chuck” Cordle; more

Included in the magazine is a section of Gibson Banjo Catalog Reprints showing pictures and descriptions of the following banjos: Gibson Mastertone Tenor-banjo Style TB-5, Granada, TB-3, Gibson Tenor-banjo style TB-2, “All American” Tenor Banjo, “Florentine” Tenor Banjo, Style TB-6 Tenor Banjo, Style “Granada” Tenor Banjo, TB-4, TB-3, TB-1, TB-2, TB-11, TB-00, TB-18, TB-12(no photo)

1967 December Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1993 Lives and lessons of the Guitar Player’s Players

Features: Otis Rush; Jeff Beck; James Burton; Ry Cooder; Richard Thompson; Ritchie Blackmore; Acoustic Shootout – in search of the best solid-top for under a grand – 16 guitars rated – Alvarez Timber Ridge Silver Anniversary, Alvarez-Yairi DY70, Charvel 125S-NAT, Fender 1100-SX, Gibson Gospel, Guild D6-S NT, Martin D-1, Ovation Standard Balladeer, Saga Blue Ridge BR-OS, Seagull S6, Sigma SDR-41, Takamine N-10 Natural Series, Taylor 410, Vantage VS-50S, Washburn WD-40S, Yamaha LD-10; Bern Nix; Link Wray -the true godfather of grunge; more

1993 November Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1974 Vintage Gibson Fretted Instrument Accessories Catalog Ad

El Capo De Tutti Capo – Gibson full line of capos covers the field. There’s a model to fit the needs of every guitar and banjo player – four elastic capos, two Dunlop capos, and one clamp capo; Finger picks, thumb picks, flat picks made of durable Eboneen; Humbucking Pickups; Gibson Bottle Neck Slide; more

1974 Vintage Gibson Fretted Instrument Accessories Catalog Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1981 Dizzy Gillespie – the man and his revolution

Contents: Dizzy Gillespie – the man and his revolution; GuitarCheck – Gibson 335-S solid body; B.B. King; Nazareth; The Who; Studio of the month – Recording Studio 55 of Kansas City, Missouri; more

1981 July International Musician & Recording World Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1982 The John Entwistle guitar & classic instrument collection – shown: Gretsch Model 6120 Chet Atkins

John Entwistle – although best known as one of the most influential bassists in rock history, the Who’s John Entwistle is also a formidable collector. Here he reveals his views on the art of collecting classic instruments.

Contents: Recording Acoustic Guitar; John Entwistle; The Entwistle Collection in full color; Hi-Tech Guitars; Gibson Factory Tour; Essential Listening by Rik Emmett; Barney Kessel; more

1982 May Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1985 Gallery of Gibson Les Paul Sunburst Guitars

Sunburst Gallery: Gibson’s late ’50’s Les Paul Standard – arguably the quintessential collector’s solid-body is one of the few electrics to command stratospheric prices primarily because of its beauty. This color pictorial shows why.

Cover: Gibson Les Paul Sunburst

Contents: Special Equipment Issue: Gibson Les Paul Sunburst Gallery; Inlay & Detailing; British High-Tech; Martin’s OM Steel-String; The Melobar Story; Luthiers’ Convention; Miss Off the Wall – Color Pull-out poster of this year’s cheapo guitar competition winner; Production Arch-Tops; Playable Sculpture; Carl Thompson’s Custom Basses; Retrospec – Fender Bandmaster; Free Soundpage Record – Special Effects Chains / Craig Anderson; Wang, Twang & Whammy; more

1985 March Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1978 Gibson 25th Anniversary Les Paul Guitar – The Most Les

Les Paul’s silver anniversary is your golden opportunity. Fifty years ago Les Paul broke into the music business and began breaking it wide open with his echo chambers, overdubs and hit records. Twenty-five years ago the Gibson Les Paul guitar began establishing its own records, becoming the world’s greatest electric guitar. And today, both are still creating Grammy award winning music.

Gibson is honoring its twenty-five year association with Les Paul by introducing the 25th Anniversary Les Paul guitar. It’s the kind of guitar they’ll be talking about 25 years from now. But you have to order it by December 31st, 1978, because it’s a limited edition model. In fact, each guitar will be serialized to make it a one of a kind collector’s item…

1978 Gibson 25th Anniversary Les Paul Guitar – The Most Les Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1976 Santana calls it his rainbow – Gibson L6-S electric guitar

Actually, it’s the Gibson L6-S. But he’s got a point. Because the L6-S lets you color your sound any way you want with tone and mid-range control and a six-position sound switch. From pretty and warm to funky and hard – and anything in between – the choice is yours. The L6-S also has two incredibly powerful pickups mounted in its solid maple body for exceptional sensitivity and sustain. and the body itself is designed to give you complete access to 24 frets of the quickest, easiest action you ever laid your hands on. Creem Magazine called it “The kind of guitar that musicians ten years from now will dream about owning.” Santana calls it his rainbow. We call it the L6-S.

1976 Santana call it his rainbow – Gibson L6-S electric guitar Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1979 Gibson Heart Guitar Pick

Go straight for the Heart.

Touch their hearts with Gibson’s new Heart pick. It’s the perfect memento for fans to have and to hold and it’s considerably less painful than leaving them a piece of your clothing or your skin. The Heart is designed to give you everything you like in the pick you’re now using and more. Each and every Heart is available in thin, medium, and heavy gauges, depending on your needs. Make it your personal pick. Play with ’em…toss ’em to the crowd as a heartfelt ending to a great concert! The Heart. It’s from Gibson, the people with heart.

1979 Gibson Heart Guitar Pick Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1979 Gibson RD Artist Electric Guitar – there is no energy shortage

Remember the first time you played an electric guitar? How charged up both you and the sound were? You can experience that first time feeling all over again when you play an RD Artist guitar by Gibson. Now there are three kinds of guitar. Acoustics, Electrics, and RDs. The core of the RD sound is powered by Active Electronics – an ingenious refinement of recording studio technology developed by Dr. Robert Moog…

1979 Gibson RD Artist Electric Guitar – there is no energy shortage Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1979 Gibson G-00L9 Observers Bass Strings

You can’t buy better bass strings than Gibson’s at any price. And right now, you can’t find a better price. During our limited time offer, buy just one of Gibson’s three best bass string sets, and the second set’s free. You see, after you’ve played Gibson strings a while, you’ll probably want to keep playing them. Gibson is making this offer appealing to every kind of bass player. Because this two-for-one special can be found on three distinctly different sets. The G-00L9 Observers are flat wound, stainless steel with three windings. The G-0055 Hi-Fi’s are flat wound, nickel plated steel. And the G-0085 Snappers are round wound stainless steel…

1979 Gibson G-00L9 Observers Bass Strings Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com