The 1979 Vintage Guitar Market: Its Instruments, Dealers, And Collectors

Sunburst Les Paul, mint, $4500. Maple-neck Strats, $1000 and up. Flying V’s slashed to $3300; cash only. Will trade Explorer for late-model Oldsmobile.

One thing that all the old guitars in this hypothetical advertisement have in common is that they used to list for about $250. What’s going on? Why does someone trade in an armload of new guitars for a single old one? Why do some Les Pauls have virtually no pure “collector’s value” while others are worth 20 times their original price? Are old instruments really better? Which ones? Why, and why not? Is the dusty old guitar under your bed a potential gold mine, or just a dusty old guitar? This article will answer some of these questions, present opinions on others, and examine the interactions of buyers and sellers, instruments and prices, fads and trends…

Shown in the following pictures:

– Larry Henrikson brought hundreds of guitars to the Dallas show: here’s one corner of his exhibit.

– Sunburst Les Paul Standard; note tiger striping.

– 1934 Martin 000-45

– D’Angelico Excel arch-top acoustic

– Bart Wittrock (L) and Dave Wintz represented Houston’s Rockin’ Robin at the Dallas Guitar Show.

– Gene Witte’s Danelectro Longhorn bass features concentric tone and volume knobs

– SG / Les Paul Standard, circa 1960

– 1958 Gibson Flying V

– 1924 Gibson L-5 arch-top steel-string

– Gibson’s first Les Paul, the 1952 gold-top

– Ed Seelig’s Style 2 National tri-plate (with three resonating sound cones) from the early ’30s.

– 1955 Fender Precision Bass

1979 Vintage Guitar Market 16-Page Article available at

1991 Guitar Player – Hot rod your axe – redo it yourself

Contents: Hot-Rod your Axe; Redo it Yourself; Fender’s Custom Shop; Inside Warmoth -factory tour; Paul Simon; Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins; Anthrax; The Reckless Precision of Tuck Andress with transcription of “Sweet P.”; Legends of Guitar – Rhino Records celebration of guitar heroes and unsung greats; more

1991 February Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at

1974 Vintage Fender Guitar Ad – the world’s favorite space machine

Space, like music, is an endless frontier. To conquer either requires creative talent, dedication and the finest equipment. Our research and development team is dedicated to creating the finest guitars and amplifiers designed for each other. Your Fender dealer has all the equipment you’ll ever need. The rest is up to you.

1974 Vintage Fender Guitar – the world’s favorite space machine Ad available at

1993 Lives and lessons of the Guitar Player’s Players

Features: Otis Rush; Jeff Beck; James Burton; Ry Cooder; Richard Thompson; Ritchie Blackmore; Acoustic Shootout – in search of the best solid-top for under a grand – 16 guitars rated – Alvarez Timber Ridge Silver Anniversary, Alvarez-Yairi DY70, Charvel 125S-NAT, Fender 1100-SX, Gibson Gospel, Guild D6-S NT, Martin D-1, Ovation Standard Balladeer, Saga Blue Ridge BR-OS, Seagull S6, Sigma SDR-41, Takamine N-10 Natural Series, Taylor 410, Vantage VS-50S, Washburn WD-40S, Yamaha LD-10; Bern Nix; Link Wray -the true godfather of grunge; more

1993 November Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at

1974 Fender Electric Bass Guiter “In Concert”

The world’s favorite performers appear “In Concert.” And 9 out of 10 times, the electric bass is a Fender. ABC TV ‘s “In Concert.” Far more than entertainment, it’s the ultimate experience in the contemporary music scene…

1974 Fender Electric Bass Guiter “In Concert” Ad available at

1971 Guitar Player Magazine Special Guitar Issue

Contents: Leo Fender – pioneer of the solidbody; Klaus Roder – West German luthier; Pros on Axes -survey; Woods -a dialogue with Richard Schneider and Fred Gerlach; The Martin Factory -take a tour; Guitar Comparison Charts: Acoustic Steel String, Acoustic Nylon String, Acoustic/Electric, Solidbody Electric, 12-String, Steel Guitar, Bass Guitar; more

1971 September Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at

1984 Night Ranger – Jeff Watson & Brad Gillis

Night Ranger’s explosive guitarists collaborate on intricate twin-guitar leads but retain spearate stylistic identities. Jeff elaborates on his eight-fingered technique; Brad details vibrato bar tricks. A Soundpage and Solo Flight transcription of “(You Can Still) Rock in America” appear on page 82.

Contents: Night Ranger – Jeff Watson & Brad Gillis; Free Soundpage record and Solo Flight transcription of “(You Can Still) Rock in America”; Rank & File – Chip Kinman, Jeff Ross; Victor Bailey; Wayne Bennett; Early Fender History Re-examined; Strunz & Farah acoustic duo; Henry Kaiser’s Essential Listening; Vintage Amps; Christmas Albums; Ned Steinberger’s Secret; more

1984 December Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at

1987 Fender Stratocaster Mania

More popular than ever, a ’50’s design dominates the ’80’s. Plus: Richard Smith’s nuts & bolts history of the Fender Stratocaster’s first decade, Dan Erlewine’s Fine-Tune Your Strat, and Dan Armstrong’s Super Strat custom wiring project.

Contents: Strat Mania – Fender Stratocaster history, fine-tuning, wiring project; Free Soundpage Record – The Starobins’ “Chase”; Pro’s Reply – Bob Bain; Carlos Alomar’s Synth Excursion; Masters Series – Redirecting Reactions; Freddie Green Remembered; Richard Cousins; With Merle Haggard: Clint Strong; The legendary Jimmy Rogers; more

1987 August Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at

1976 Fender Sound System “Three Little Pigs” Vintage Ad

“Little pigs, little pigs,” crooned the Wolf, “let me join in!” “Not by the hairs of our chinny-chin-chins!” harmonized the Pigs. “Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff…” “Can’t hear you,” soloed the third Little Pig as he spotted the Wolf slyly heading down the chimney. “The only way you’ll ever bring the house down is with a Fender sound system.” In a flash, the Three Little Pigs laid down a searing lyric and lit an enormous blaze beneath the kettle. “I never heard power and range like that before!” shrieked the Wolf heatedly. “Well, when you want to light a fire under a vocalist,” chorused the Pigs, “you go whole hog.” “And of course,” the Wolf sang out…”You get an extra boost from a Fender!”

1976 Fender Sound System “Three Little Pigs” Vintage Ad available at

2009 Fender Frontline In-Store Guitar Catalog & Price List

Table of Contents:

Make History: Fender
Quick Reference Guide
New Products for 2009
Fender Electric Guitars
Fender Electric Basses
Squier by Fender
Fender Acoustic Instruments
Fender Amplifiers
Fender Bass Amplifiers
Fender Pro Audio
Fender Clothing and Collectibles
Fender University
Fender Artists

2009 Fender Frontline In-Store Guitar Catalog & Price List available at

1982 Fender Princeton Reverb II Guitar Amplifier

We made 20 watts sound like a million.

Introducing the Princeton Reverb II. Descended from the all-time great studio amp, but with more power and lots of extra features. Like mid boost, presence control, switchable lead sound, 12″ speaker, lock-joint pine cabinet, and more. We rate it at 20 watts, but we think it sounds more like 50. Before you buy any amp in this power range, hear what the world’s most experienced builder of tube amps can do for less than $400 (suggested retail). The new Champ II and Super Champ are almost as powerful and even more affordable. All three are built to survive years and years of grueling road use.

Fender. The Sound That Creates Legends.

1982 Fender Princeton Reverb II Guitar Amplifier Ad available at

1957 Vintage Fender Stratocaster Guitar

Stratocaster: We brought back the good old days.

Fender Vintage Stratocasters. To call them “new” isn’t quite accurate. Because we went back to the original blueprints and meticulously reincarnated two guitars that helped to shape musical history.

You can choose from the ’57 pictured above, or the ’62 with rosewood neck. Both in the original tweed cases. Both classics. See the Vintage models – and the complete line of Stratocasters – at your Fender dealer now.

The sound that creates legends.

Pictured at bottom: Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Eric Clapton

1982 Vintage Fender Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Eric Clapton Ad available at