1993 Lives and lessons of the Guitar Player’s Players

Features: Otis Rush; Jeff Beck; James Burton; Ry Cooder; Richard Thompson; Ritchie Blackmore; Acoustic Shootout – in search of the best solid-top for under a grand – 16 guitars rated – Alvarez Timber Ridge Silver Anniversary, Alvarez-Yairi DY70, Charvel 125S-NAT, Fender 1100-SX, Gibson Gospel, Guild D6-S NT, Martin D-1, Ovation Standard Balladeer, Saga Blue Ridge BR-OS, Seagull S6, Sigma SDR-41, Takamine N-10 Natural Series, Taylor 410, Vantage VS-50S, Washburn WD-40S, Yamaha LD-10; Bern Nix; Link Wray -the true godfather of grunge; more

1993 November Guitar Player Magazine Back-Issue available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1990 Charvel Guitar Company – Rock Solid

A rock solid foundation of craftsmanship, performance, and fulfilling musicians’ needs has always been the bottom line at Charvel. Starting up in the late 70’s, and working hard through the 80’s, we’re gearing up for a new decade with more innovative ideas and designs to continue our tradition of building high quality, high performance guitars for the progressive player of the 90’s.

1990 Charvel Guitar Company – Rock Solid Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com