1979 Aria Pro II PE-1000 vintage guitar ad

Sounds good on paper…Sounds better in person…The Aria Pro II PE1000: Body & Neck – designed for play. Unique body construction gives the PE-1000 unequalled sustaining power. Its unique heel-less neck permits easy acces all the way to the 22nd fret. Supermatic Bridge – two-way adjustment system enables guitarist to adjust harmonics with ease. Exclusive 3-way ball-end system accommodates every type of string. Protomatic Pickups – Have no equal in sustaining power or clear tones. Sensitive with a capital S. Strategically located controls – volume control, tone control, and 3 position toggle switch placed at your fingertips for quick and easy operation. MG-55C Machine Heads – solid metal heads minimize string slippage. Promote extremely fine tuning. Violin finish -the finishing touch. Adds to the beauty of the design. Old world method of finish improves sound tone.

1979 Aria Pro II PE-1000 Guitar Vintage Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1978 Aria Pro II Guitars & Instruments

It’ll pay you to play around with our competition. Play all the great instruments. Listen carefully to the sounds they make; and listen carefully to the numbers the dealers lay on you. Then pick up a Pro II by Aria. PRO II will equal or surpass anything you’ve ever heard. The design and detailing of the instrument will suggest Old World craftsmanship and performance standards that have become universal ideals…

1978 Aria Pro II Guitars & Instruments Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1979 Aria Pro II PE-450 Electric Guitar

It cries! It sings! It wails! Every guitar in the Aria Pro II PE Series – from the PE-450 to the PE-1000 takes your music where you want it to go. With all the features. with all the versatility. with all the sound of guitars costing a whole lot more. And it can start with the Aria Pro-II PE-450…Just play it. You won’t believe it only costs $395.00.

Pro-II PE-450 – Single cutaway maple body; chrome plated 3-way adjustable supermatic bridge; Protomatic-II humbucking pickups; 3-position toggle switch for pickup selection; laminated birch neck with adjust-rod; Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays Overbinding nickel silver frets; deluxe, chrome plated, individual machine heads.

1979 Aria Pro II PE-450 Electric Guitar Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1982 Aria Pro II PE-R80 Electric Guitar – Escape to the future


Body – Maximum response and sustain starts with a carved Maple top and back and a Mahogany center

Heel-less Cutaway – gives you the most comfortable playing up to the last fret.

Bridge / Tailpiece – Our exclusive SPT (Super tunable) bridge and QH (Quick Hook) tailpiece combination gives solid and rattle-free intonation and fast string change.

Classic-Power pick-up – clean, warm and sustaining power gives you the ultimate sound.

Also shown:
PH-01 Phaser
CM-01 Compressor
OD-01 Over-Drive
DS-01 Distortion
CH-01 Chorus
GE-06 Graphic Equalizer
FL-01 Flanger
AD-01 Analog Delay

1982 Aria Pro II PE-R80 Electric Guitar – Escape to the future Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com

1991 Billy Gould live on stage with Faith No More – Aria Pro II Bass

Billy says, “My Aria Pro II Bass is super. It’s the only one I’ll play. I’ve played it for years and will never switch.” Billy’s Bass…Integra Custom

Integra Series: IGB-CST-5, IGB-DLX-5, IGB-CST

Starting at $629.00

the advanced electrics.

Aria Pro II

1991 Billy Gould live on stage with Faith No More – Aria Pro II Bass Ad available at www.GuitarPulp.com