#56 Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine Back-Issue with CD – Vince Gill

Features: Vince Gill – Therein Lies the Differenc; Ray Flacke – Flacke Tones; David Paul – Spotlight Artist; Building the Audiophile Signal Chain part 1; Music Transcriptions / TAB / CD contents: John McClellan / Vince Gill, “Caravan”; Pat Bergeson, “The Tower and The Crane”; Mark Casstevens, “Sour Mash Rag”; Ray Flacke, “Homage To The Abbot”; Bill Cooley, “Scooter Pie”; John Jorgenson, “Sao Paulo Strut”; Richard Smith, “Swingin’ ’69”; Don Jones, “Undercurent”; Paul Yandell, “Clear Springs Blues”; Bobby Cochran, “Kickin’ It”; Chet Atkins, “Magnetic Rag”; John Knowles, “Boulevard”; Terry Wedding, “Terry’s Tune”; Pete Huttlinger, “Darcy’s Guitar”; Bill Piburn, “Cowboy Song For My Cowgirl”; Roger Hudson, “Minor / Major Rag”; David Paul, “Beautiful Lady”; more

#56 Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine Back-Issue with CD available at www.GuitarPulp.com

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