#48 Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine – Tommy Emmanuel – Awesome Aussie!

Features: Tommy Emmanuel – Over the top from Down Under; Lily Afshar – a Lily for you; John Schroeter – take me to your leader; Music Transcriptions / TAB / CD contents: Tommy Emmanuel, “Train to Dusseldorf”; Jonathan Adams, “Montana Skies”; Lily Afshar, “Gol-e Gandome”; Lily Afshar, “Waltz No. 3 (Barrios)”; Mike Christiansen, “Remembering Linda”; William Kanengiser, “Afro-Cuban Lullaby”; Stanley Yates, “Dallas Rag”; Tommy Jones, “Going Through the Changes”; Roger Hudson, “We Three Kings”; John August Guitar Choir, “Cantique de Jean Racine”; more

#48 Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine Back-Issue with CD available at www.GuitarPulp.com

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