Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine #29 with CD – Andy Summers “Armadillo” transcription

Features: Andy Summers – taking the sting out of jazz; Dominic Miller Nylon Lights; Recording Series part 5; Howard Morgen – Aerobic Triads; Master Workshops: Miguel Espinoza – Little Rasgueados; John Standefer – Instrumental Grace; Steven Eckels – Would you accompany me?; Keith Wyatt – Endin’ on a blue note; Craig Dobins – just do it; David Surette – Harp Guitar; Bill Piburn – jass for the kid in us; Music Transcriptions / TAB / CD contents – Andy Summers “Armadillo”; Craig Dobbins “Walkin’ Shoes”; David Surette “O’Carolan’s Draught”; Keith Wyatt “Puttin’ It Together”; Bill Piburn “Three Blind Mice”; Dominic Miller “LaBoca”; John Standefer “In His Arms”; Steven Eckels “Drifting Breeze”; Miguel Espinoza “Flamenco Exercises”; more

#29 Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine Back-Issue with CD available at

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