Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine #26 with CD – Brent Mason – “First Rule of Thumb”

Features: Brent Mason – Layin’ Licks; Rory Block – even women get the blues; Bert Jansch – Iambic Pentangle; Recording Series part 2 – Cardoid arrest – a condensed yet dynamic overview; Howard Morgen – High Octave fretwork – a 12 step program; Master workshops: Steven Eckels – Balladease; Lisle Crowley – Moon “lite”; Tom Gannaway – It’s not easy being blue; Jonathan Burchfield Takin’ care of Gospel; Guitar Makers: The amplified Classical – you say Pizo, I say Pee-ya-zo; Music Transcriptions / TAB / CD contents – Rory Block “Take My Heart Again”; Bert Jansch “One for Jo”; Brent Mason “First Rule of Thumb”; Lisle Crowley “Clair De Lune”; Steve Eckels “The House Carpenter”; Tom Gammaway “In A Blue Mood”; Jonathan Burchfield “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus”; more

#26 Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine Back-Issue with CD available at

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